Welcome to the Emory University Anesthesiology Residency Program!

The Department of Anesthesiology at Emory Univerisity is active in all phases of academic practice leading to outstanding graduates who render superb clinical care.  Over the course of training, the Emory Anesthesiology resident becomes comfortable in all clinical situations. The practice settings at our institution include fast paced practices at Emory University Midtown Hospital and Executive Park, a tertiary referral center at Emory University Hospital, a large inner city hospital at Grady Memorial, pediatrics at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, outpatient surgery at the Ambulatory Surgery Center and the Veterans Administration Medical Center.  

In addition to its diverse clinical opportunities, the residency program has a rich history of excellence. The Anesthesiology Residency Program at Emory began after World War II under the direction of Dr. William H. Galvin. The present residency program, started under Dr. John E. Steinhaus in 1958, grew into the independent Department of Anesthesiology and became the first residency program at Emory University to include all of the hospitals within the medical complex. Dr. Steinhaus continued his leadership until 1986 when Dr. John Waller began his tenure as Chair of the department. Dr. James Zaidan was Chair of the department from 2001-2011 and currently serves as the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education at Emory.  Dr. Laureen Hill MD, MBA is the present Chair of the department, joining us in 2011 from Washington University in St. Louis.  

The Emory University Anesthesiology Residency is looking toward an exciting future by  producing residents that are leading healthcare innovation and are actively involved in promoting the profession of ‘The Anesthesiologist.’  The opportunities available here are unparalleled, allowing you to gain knowledge from our internationally known teachers and researchers and to experience and manage comfortably every conceivable clinical anesthesia situation. We invite you to explore the Anesthesiology Residency Program at Emory University. Visit our campus, talk with our faculty members, and feel free to question current and former residents about their experiences. We are confident you will discover a high-caliber program that deserves your strong consideration.

Last updated on Sun, 13 Nov 2011