Ling Wei, MD

Professor and John E. Steinhaus Endowed Chair

Emory University School of Medicine


Stem Cell Research

Emory University School of Medicine

101 Woodruff Circle
WMR 613

Atlanta, Georgia 30329

Phone: 404-712-8661


Dr. Wei investigates pathophysiology and novel treatments of neurodegenerative disorders including ischemic stroke, traumatic injury, and sensorimotor dysfunctions. She is experienced in morphological and functional assessments of brain injury using cellular, molecular, imaging and optogenetic techniques in cell cultures and animal models. She developed novel approach to promote neuroprotection and neural regeneration in the adult brain. Her research goal is to translate the basic research progresses into the clinical treatments for patients. 

MD: Capital University of Medical Sciences, Beijing, China

NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship for MD: Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO  
Dr. Wei’s research has been funded by multiple NIH and AHA grants. Research projects include novel strategies in stem cell transplantation therapy, the mechanism of neuronal differentiation of stem cells, and optogenetic approach for neural repair and regeneration after stroke, among several other projects on neurodenerative disorders and adverse effects of general anesthetics. Her laboratory employs multiple techniques of cellular and molecular biology, neuropathology, imaging, cerebral blood flow measurements, and optogenetics.