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Dr Jenkins' Lab



Research in our laboratory focuses on better understanding the molecular events that control awareness and consciousness. 

How general anesthetics induce unconsciousness has remained a mystery since the introduction of these drugs into clinical practice 160 years ago. Work in my laboratory is focused on where these drugs go in the nervous system and what they do when they get there. We typically use a combination of molecular biologic and biophysical techniques such as patch-clamp electrophysiology, site directed mutagenesis and computational modeling to better understand how general anesthetics modulate the function of the GABA A receptor, the most abundant fast inhibitory neurotransmitter receptor in the central nervous system. 

We are also interested in better understanding pathological tiredness and sleepiness. Together with collaborators thoughout Emory's School of Medicine, we are heavily committed to translational research projects that focus on developing novel therapeutic regimens to help treat patients with a broad range of hypersomnic disorders.

Our research team comprises of talented and outstanding students and scientists with a broad range of academic and translational interests. 

Last updated on Tue, 12 Mar 2013