Latest News

Congratulations to Dr. Grant Lynde for acceptance of his manuscript entitled "A Survey of Haitian Attitudes Towards Informed Consent" for publication in the Clinical Ethics

Congratulations to Dr. McKenzie Hollon on acceptance of two of her cases for medically challenging case presentation at the 2017 ASA meeting"Anesthetic Preparation and Considerations in Pulmonary Echinococcus," prepared with Lauren Guenther, and "Management of Inadvertent Pleural Catheter Placement into the Left Ventricle," prepared with Ben Whitehouse

Congratulations to Dr. Craig Jabaley for being one of the co-authors of the article Low End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide at the Onset of Emergent Trauma Surgery Is Associated With Nonsurvival: A Case Series published in Anesthesia & Analgesia.

Congratulations to Dr. Gaurav Patel for his invitation to serve as a full voting member of the Emory School of Medicine Admissions Committee.

Congratulations to Dr. Blum for his election to the SOCCA Board of Directors!

Congratulations to Dr. Glas for her selection as co-chair of the new Education/Service FCAP committee!

Faculty Spotlight

Congratulations to Dr. Matthew Klopman for being selected to serve on the ASA Committee on Trauma and Emergency Preparedness for the 2018 Governance Year. 

Congratulations to Dr. Arnold Berry who was nominated by his peers as a stand-out in excellence and dedication to education in anesthesiology. The ASA Excellence in Education Award recognizes ASA members who have made outstanding contributions though demonstrated excellence in teaching, development of new teaching methods and/or implementation of innovative educational programs in anesthesiology.