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Congratulations to all our 2015-2016 residents and fellows, who on required clerkship surveys of third year medical students were ranked as the best resident teachers and the best residents to work with at Emory over the course of this last academic year. On student evaluations, our department had an overall score of 4.7/5 (the highest).  
Some comments found on the evaluations:
"Residents were excellent teachers."
"This was the best clerkship in terms of teaching by residents. They love to teach, they were so hands-on."
"Most hands-on rotation I had. Residents and faculty were all so energetic and enthusiastic about teaching me."


Congratulations to our 2016 graduating residents!

graduating residents

Congratulations to our 2016 graduating class honorees:
Faculty Awards:
Critical Care Medicine Teaching Award: Dr. Michael Connor
Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award:  Dr. Craig Jabaley
Excellence in Mentoring Award: Dr. Gaurav Patel
Carl Hug CTA  Teaching Award: Dr. Gautam Sreeram
Excellence in Subspecialty Teaching Award:  Dr. Dawn Williams
Resident awards:
Outstanding Resident Award:  Dr. Danielle Howe 
Ahmet Sezgin Award: Dr. Cliff Song

Faculty Spotlight

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Congratulations to Darlene Mashman and Michele Sumler who, along with their collaborators from Emory, GA Tech and GA State are presenting their work entitled: "Designing AR systems to explore point-of-view, bias, and trans-culturalconflict" at the 15th IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) meeting will be held in Mexico, September 19th-23rd in Merida, Mexico.

Congratulations to Dr. Paul Garcia for the acceptance of his manuscript, "Electromyographic activation reveals cortical and sub-cortical dissociation during emergence from general anesthesia", for publication in Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing. This was work that Dr. Garcia did with collaborators from New Zealand (Dr. Jamie Sleigh) as part of his JSMF-funded project on the overlap between sleep and anesthesia. The lead author is a student that Dr. Garcia and Dr. Sleigh co-mentored.

Congratulations to Dr. Vikas O’Reilly-Shah on the selection of his abstract  "Anesthesiologist: Evolving a Successful Mobile Medical App Into a Long Term Research Platform" for oral presentation as part of the "Young Investigator: Outcomes and Database Research" at the 2016 ASA annual meeting.

Congratulations to Drs. Cinnamon Sullivan and Tee Todd on their poster presentation "Characteristics of Orthotopic Liver Transplant Patients Extubated in the Operating Room" at the International Liver Transplant Society meeting in Seoul, and to Dr. Sullivan for being a session moderator for three interesting case presentations.

Congratulations to Dr. Cinnamon Sullivan on being added to the SATA (Society for the Advancement of Transplant Anesthesiology) Committee for Quality Measures

Congratulations to Dr. Cinnamon Sullivan on her invitation to speak at the one day, pre-ASA ILTS meeting in October on the topic of "PPV for Hemodynamic Monitoring During Liver Transplantation".

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